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Our Work

We match patients with affordable hotel and furnished apartment accommodations in safe communities close to major hospitals.

Our Mission

To provide access to accommodations for all Canadians, their caregivers and their families required to relocate for medical treatment.

Our Vision

To ensure all Canadians have equal opportunity access to healthcare, regardless of where they live.

The Cause

Families are often required to uproot their lives and relocate close to hospitals that offer life-saving treatments, typically in large city centers where the cost of living and accommodation are considerably higher.

Although the treatment may be covered by provincial health insurance plans, the relocation expenses alone are still unaffordable for many families. Thousands of Canadians have had to weigh the decision of receiving medical treatment, with the untenable financial burdens of relocating.


With support from our sponsors, donors, suppliers, and participating hospital programs, we aim to provide patients with comfortable, subsidized housing in safe areas close to their designated hospital. By relieving this financial burden, we will be helping more Canadians access the medical care they need.

StayWell aims to provide a simple solution to a complex problem faced by Canadians requiring specialized medical treatment.

Join our mission and make a life-saving impact.

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